About TSDC

Hi there! My name is Taryn, and this is my blog: The Sunny Drug Corporation. Welcome!

TSDC came about because I was constantly searching for a way to be happy, a way to embrace life to the fullest and really experience everything around me. I wanted a way to talk about books and traveling and video games and my family and this was the way to do so, without worrying about being grammatically correct all the time 😉 

So here I write about my life and boast about how nerdy I am and complain about how much I hate to clean. It is really a blog for organizing my goals, celebrating my love for art, history, and literature, and to make life a little more fun. 

If you don’t know me, or you haven’t seen me in awhile and you decided to stalk, I’ll tell you a little in the way of an introduction.

About three years ago, I graduated from Wake Forest University with a BA in English and a BA in Anthropology, with the hopes of becoming a professor one day. After graduation, I went on a backpacking trip (thanks to wonderful couchsurfers everywhere), and hitchhiked from Greece to the Netherlands in about five months. I visited around thirteen countries during this time. I then moved to the middle of the Triangle, technically in Raleigh, NC but actually closer to Durham. I had a part-time job with an advertising agency in Chapel Hill as a PR consultant. When I started this blog, it was a new gig, and I was only contracted for a six-month job. I also did some freelance marketing work for some clients in the area. 

Right now, I am in a graduate master’s program at East Carolina University, studying archaeology and particularly Southeastern prehistoric archaeology. I am writing a thesis on the occupation of the Pee Dee culture of several small sites around NC, and trying to determine the influence of Mississippian mound culture on those sites. In the future, I would like to earn my doctorate in Anthropology, and an MFA in creative writing. My biggest goals in life are to be happy, to be professionally published in my field, and then also creatively published. 

Here are some pictures of me:


If you cannot tell, I am a nerd and a goofball.

I also love cartoons, Russian literature, Bloody Marys, taking long walks while listening to GoT, and animals. I have two cats who are my life.

First is Wybie. He’s the older of the two brother cats. Probably by a minute or so. He’s extremely cute and he’s also a little fuck. No. He’s sweet. But he likes to eat whatever he finds, wherever he finds it, and he also likes to not listen to me. On the up side, he’s incredibly smart and agile, so he’s fun to watch, and he also loves to find any available lap and inhabit it. He’s usually everyone’s favorite when they first come to the apartment.

Pictures of Wybie: (10 points if you guessed his name is from Coraline)


Next, is his littermate Fritz. Fritz has a very strong bond with dogs, and so he is friendlier to them than humans. Fritz is more independent than Wybie, so he likes his alone time, and isn’t much for sitting in laps. But sometimes, when you least expect it, you will hear his little purr next to you and know he wants to be petted.

Pictures of Snicklefritz (aka Fritz- 30 points if you guessed his name from Pineapple Express):


That is my tiny household, and just a little bit of what I will probably be blogging about.


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