On the Rebound

Hi everyone! It’s been awhile. I thought I would restart my Sunny Drug blog, mostly because I am in graduate school, should be writing my thesis, but have decided that talking about myself is more important. I would also like to try again with the Sunny Drug submissions; I had some friends who wanted to keep going, but I never posted up their lovely submissions and I feel like shit for it.

Just an update on my life. I am living in Greenville, NC, studying to become an archaeologist. I am writing my thesis on archaeological sites around the Town Creek Indian Mound, basically trying to locate them and put into place an occupation chronology. I still read too much, but not enough of what I am supposed to read. I still have goals. Cooking, writing, and losing weight are the big three (probably will be for the rest of my life), and I still have all those animals and that dude I like. Some stuff has happened in between, but, um, yeah, we won’t mention that. While life has been mostly about school, I have some awesome news.

In July, I am going to Israel! I’m heading there with my university to practice some artifact conservation at the National Museum. When I start taking pictures, I will be sure to put them up here. This is the first time I have been out of the country since my big hitchhiking trip from Greece to the Netherlands, so it is coming right at about the time I am getting United States cabin fever. If anyone is from Israel or has visited before, definitely give me some advice on cool things to do. I will be traveling all over, visiting sites, so I won’t just be in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Also, keep looking for a new start on the Sunny Drug submissions. I swear to the higher powers I will keep it up this time. Let me know if you have ideas, comments, questions. I should be skulking around; probably looking at artifacts.


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