Catching Up

Just noticed my little point system:

Taryn’s Productivity Point System

One Point For…
Every Hour of Creative Writing
Every Hour of Exercise
Every Hour of Visual Artwork (Including Photography)
Every Book Completed
Every Day of Only 1 Hour of Television
Every New Recipe Cooked

Five Points For…
Every Finished Short Story + 1 Revision
Every Finished Visual Art Piece
Big School Project Completed
Every Day without a Negative Thought
Every Thing I Build for the House
Cultivating a Garden
Every Dinner Party Thrown (notice the key word here- dinner)

Ten Points For…
Every Story Sent in For Contest or Publication
Every Overall A in a Class
Every Craft I sell on Etsy
Every Month I exercise every single day

Lose One Point For…

Every Day I Judge Someone Negatively
Every Day I Judge Myself Negatively

Awesome! I am going to restart this; especially since I got all As this semester, and I have been cooking every night. I have also been walking six miles a day and practicing yoga. Not that that has been helping me lose weight, but that’s ok. Still makes me feel like I’m doing something. I also am making a pegboard where I can organize my art supplies! That counts as building something for my house, right? Here are pictures to prove it:



Threw a Town Creek picture in there for good measure. I am going to start my point system today!

Yoga = +1 point

Total Points = 1 points 

When I get to fifty points, I guess I’m going to buy something to do with sims…..bam!


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