Food, Books, and Beer

I am going to write this post and pretend like it hasn’t been months since I’ve updated this blog. Some crazy things have happened- I quit my job (hallelujah!), gone through some major medical problems (skipped over here), and ended up in a different town. Unfortunately, I no longer live with my wonderful boyfriend and our beautiful puppy since his job continues in Raleigh while I chill, waiting for school, in Greenville.

The change excites me, but I already miss my friends and those who are basically my family, in Chapel Hill and Raleigh. I can’t say that I miss hiding three animals in a two bedroom apartment, however. You should have seen that fucked-up carpet. Anywhoo….

Besides the usual psychological battle of quitting a job, moving away from the man you’ve lived with for the past nine months, and trudging all the shit I didn’t know I owned to a new place, only three things have been on my mind: food, books, and beer. I don’t know what’s been wrong with me lately, but food has consumed my whole brain. It might have something to do with my recent health struggles- I now have to look at food and alcohol in a new way. Not exactly healthier, but less-preserative-y. No more additives or coloring. Which sucks because I love junk food. But going to the store has become an every day thing for me, now. Food has started take time. It’s nice in a way. The only problem? I’m addicted to Earthfare’s vegan chocolate chip cookies. See? Not exactly healthy.

Next, books. Soooo far behind in my new year’s resolution. Not that I haven’t been reading, but I chose some really heavy books month per month, and so they are hard to read within the designated time period. Right now I am reading The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco. The writing is absolutely beautiful. The story is surprisingly like a Sherlock Holmes with more of a struggle between secular reason and religious theology. The next book I’m starting is Charles Darwin’s The Origin of the Species. I have read this book out of order probably more than once, but I would like to read it sequentially before school starts. No matter how far behind I am in my 75 book goal (I’m only on 28 right now), I am going to take my time and really study his words. He really has beautiful rhetoric… for a scientist- bam! scientist burn.

Ah, shit…gotta go. Next time I’ll tell you about my new Point System.


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