Dreaming About Paying Rent

The last couple of months have been really tough for Judson and I as far as money is concerned. We have been paying rent by the skin of our teeth, and now and then we skip eating for a couple of days. We’ve been saved by the kindness of our friends and family; something we will never forget.

But after this month, we finally are in a situation where we will be able to pay rent, buy food regularly, and actually afford the little things that we used to take for granted. Did I mention that I had a thing for lists? I am going to make a list of things I am going to buy once our next checks come around; the things you never know you would miss until you have to go without them.

1. Face lotion– there are lots of things I have to go without that most girls would not. But face lotion is one of those things I miss most of all. I have been putting dollar store lotion on my face for months, and every afternoon I can feel my face tighten up into a pissed-off twenty-four year old’s hell.

2. Gum– this one might sound a bit stupid. But when you are on a strict budget, you don’t buy a two dollar pack of something to chew on. Gum would help me get through my work day.

3. Coffee– the sweet, sweet feel of caffeine as it courses through your veins…

4. Flat Shoes– I’ve been wearing the same pair of flats for about a year now. I have tennis shoes, heels, and rain boots, but what I really would like are some nice, work shoes that look cute with both jeans and leggings.

5. Bookshelf-We have a twenty dollar bookshelf from Walmart that I accidentally put up crooked. I’ll take a picture one day to show you how bad it looks. I would like a real bookshelf, that can fit all my books without falling over.

6. Animal Treats– the only reason the animals have treats is because our neighbors and friends spoil them as if they were their own animals. One day, I hope to buy all three of them everything their little hearts desire.

7. Drawing paper– yeah, have you seen how expensive drawing paper is? This is sort of just a pipe dream.

8. Nice Laundry Detergent– you might not think there is a big difference between nice laundry detergent and the kind you get from the dollar store, but believe me, there is.

9. Cleaning Supplies– from rug cleaner to a mop, from liquid soap to wet rags…these things add up and it’s nice to have them around if you can. Especially with our friends.

10. Alcohol– need I say more? Doesn’t even have to be good: sure, I’ll take a Fosters. Thanks.


4 thoughts on “Dreaming About Paying Rent

  1. LOL, I hear you!! I do sales, so it can be month to month… I take care of my disabled child which is a full time job and work gets neglected. I bought some new make up this week… It felt naughty!

    • Well you deserve that makeup! But it does always feel like a crime….makeup is expensive! If you can’t tell from my post, I really like the Dollar Tree, so sometimes I buy makeup there. The chemicals probably aren’t too good for me if we are going to be honest with ourselves.

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